Heritance Ayurveda Maha Gedara

Sri Lanka

Leading Wellness and Spa Hotel / Resort

An ayurvedic treatment destination, Heritance Ayurveda Maha Gedara is an iconic beach property nestled in manicured gardens and enveloped in calm serenity.

As guests enjoy the ultimate in spiritual, physical and mental harmony through custom-designed healing rituals, their experience is further enriched by extraordinary cuisine and outstanding hospitality.

The wellness resort especially designed to create a space for guests to revive the very spirit of the guests coming from near and afar.

With the fundamental principles of the treatments based on total relaxation, detoxification and rejuvenation of the body and mind through Deepana, Pachana, Shodana, Shamana, Rasayana and Mano Santharpana treatments; the resort offer varied treatments inspired by the ayurvedic rituals and practices conducted by highly qualified doctors.

Yoga is conducted on a daily basis whilst the spa at the property is in line with international standards.

Heritance Ayurveda Maha Gedara has received several accreditations as a wellness resort from leading bodies with the latest being Fit Reisen and Neue Wege certifications from the German market.