South Asian Travel Awards

Crowe Maldives signs as Offical Auditor for the South Asian Travel Awards 2020

Crowe Maldives signs as Offical Auditor for the South Asian Travel Awards 2020
Crowe Maldives has signed as the Official Auditor for the 5th edition of the South Asian Travel Awards (SATA).

Crowe Maldives is a member of Crowe Global, the 8th largest Accounting Network in the world, is a leading professional service firm providing audit, tax and advisory services, led by partners with extensive local knowledge and experience. Their dynamic teams have combined experience in a multitude of diverse businesses and industries.

The signing of the partners took place at a special ceremony was held in Maagiri Hotel on 30th January 2020, unveiling the principle partners for SATA 2020.
Stellar organizations and individuals from the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Industry from all over the South Asian region turn their attention to the South Asian Travel Awards. Interest and anticipation build leading up to SATA, where thousands of stakeholders attend the glamorous three-day retreat and learn who will receive the highest honours in the region’s Travel, Tourism and Hospitality industry. SATA is the only tourism and hospitality recognition brand in South Asia, competed by some of the top brands in the region. It has been endorsed by over a dozen regional and international organization for its accredited work to revive and uphold the tourism and hospitality in South Asia.

With participants from six destinations (India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and the Maldives), SATA revealed 52 categories in addition to Visitors Choice Awards and Special Recognition Awards. The nominations for 2020 will proceed until the end of February. SATA 2020 is scheduled to be held in the Maldives during the month of August.